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Environment & Engineering

Indoor Air-duct Cleaning (Collom™ System)

All buildings are required to meet basic criteria in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) standards.We uses state-of-the-art equipment for IAQ measurements and long term monitoring technology to allow continuous monitoring of your indoor environment with an independent report which allows you to plan for remediation or understand your building’s IAQ behavioral pattern. Whether IAQ measurement is done as part of our value added proposition or as a mainstream service, we guarantee you our service and solutions to your IAQ needs.

Download our Bex Asia 2011 Brochure

First Pass IAQ/Building Performance Screening

  • 24 hour IAQ screening with compliance to IAQ guidelines
  • Independent report for HVAC/ACMV system to optimize both energy and IAQ

HVAC/ACMV Hygiene Assessment

  • Mould/bacteria testing in AHU, ductwork and filters
  • Coil and condenser biofilm choke