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Environment & Engineering

Energy Efficiency Solution (ECO light)

A comparison between standard T8 fluorescent lighting against the T5 lighting solution illustrating the energy saving repayment. Our T5 Lamp holder is a solution to replace the T8 fluorescent lamp with a T5 without having to spend on a T5 fixture. A quick and effective retrofit, this will enable a instantaneously substitute to complete the energy conservation transformation without the need to modify the fixture.

Advantages of T5 vs T8

  • Better Efficiency : T8 uses ha;p-phosphate & T5 uses tri-phosphor
  • Lower Mercury :T8 uses 9-12mg whiles T5 uses <2mg
  • Higher CRI (Colour Rendering Index) : Improved illumination
  • Longer Lifespan :Lesser maintenance cost
  • Peak effciency :T5 peak 35 degree celsius whiles T8 peak at 25 degree celsius( Higher Better)